Mind the Gap

Stoked to be working with Josh Blake in studio B at Echo Mountain studios in downtown Asheville, NC. We had our first session and it was a lot of fun laying down vintage Motown sounding bass and guitar tracks to ” Gonna get a Grammy ” . Our drum tracks by John Crutchfield recorded by Neal Merrick Blackwood at Merrick Music provided the perfect foundation for a magic filled old school sound .

half way done

life is …..life…And i have , after a hesitation in my recording dates, begun to get back into the music saddle. My home studio is brewing up some good sounds. I am getting ready to record tracks at Echo Mountain, building on the tracks i have already recorded with the amazing Neal Merrick Blackwood. The work so far sounds inspiring and i feel great about the direction things are headed. Exciting things ahead!!!



Thank you

Many thanks to all of the beautiful souls who made last night’s Goodies performance so very special!
Looking forward to performing again this Saturday at the Star Bar in Atlanta!

The Goodies

Rehearsals for upcoming shows and pre production recordings of new songs start tomorrow in Atlanta.
First Goodies show in 2 years is Sat Dec 29th at Asheville Music Hall and this will be the first time The Goodies
have been in a proper rehearsal with new songs since 2007. So excited!

owls and alligators

“The Owl and the Alligator”

writing like crazy and elevated from it.
i almost don’t want to be done with it because i love the company that it brings me.
i love being in the bubble of such a wonderful story and selfishly having it be only in my head.
i have Leif to thank for the motivation and inspiration.